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Lazy Brown Dog


Really looking forward to this whole experience!


Steve got our German Shepard on Saturday and on Wednesday we had video of an amazing dog doing a wonderful job. I had no idea anyone could do that much with a dog in that little time. Really looking forward to this whole experience!

~Chuck Hodapp


Incredible people/trainers


We went to an expo put in by JC Parks and Rec last year and met these incredible people/trainers. My child had become interested in dog sports and it was getting taxing driving to St Louis and Kansas City. This club has been with her as she has crossed milestones in several sports. You will never meet better dog people than this club. Their acceptance, guidance and support can help make you and your kids dreams come true!

~ Janet Paruszkiewicz


Wonderful job!!


Steve is amazing. He had Ruby for 3 days and I received my first video. She was already listening to commands. Wonderful job!!

~Jill ONeal


So glad I found Smokin Guns Working Dog Club!


I am so glad I found Smokin Guns Working Dog Club. They have helped with my reactive Australian Shepherd so much. Not only have they helped, they have been also helping teach me the tools I need to help her. So grateful for this group of people.

~ Lindsey Shipley


These people are like family


My wife was tired of my Dutch Shepherd be so out of control so she said I need to Re home her and I didn’t want to so I asked if she got trained if she could stay. We agreed to meet Jason and Patty at the park and they showed how well she could be in the first five minutes they had her. They were awsome! Then the talked and decided Steve would be the best trainer for her so we set up a appointment with him and he made a 360 with her and sent us video every step of the way which kept us involved and made my wife excited to get her home! These people are like family they go above and beyond to make sure your happy!

~Charles Hodapp


Most amazing people ever!

Took my dog Hank to Harlie and I knew 100% he was in amazing hands while I was on vacation! She not only took care of him, she treated him like her own and took him out to train and have some fun! Recommend them over and over.


Definitely a positive experience!

A huge shout out to Patty and her family for board and training with Yeti and Tucker while we were on vacation. Loved the pictures and the updates. They even threw a birthday party for Yeti, who had a birthday while she was there.


Very highly recommend!

Alex, who is a junior trainer, did an amazing job with our dog Bruno! In about 12 days, he had him sitting, stay on command, and walking on a leash! We also received videos, of his progress during his training! He also showed us how to keep working with hm at home, and advice on keeping him on track. VERY highly recommend! Thanks, Alex, for doing an outstanding job with Bruno! The two of you definitely have a bond.

~ Heather

Ultimate Dog Trainer

Jason is the ultimate dog trainer.  He had my dog aggressive, spooky girl for a week of board and train last summer while we were on vacation.  We received frequent video updates of her amazing progress. When we picked her up she was clearly Jason's #1 fan.  He taught us how to continue her training at home.  We can do all kinds of things that were impossible before like long walks in the park around other dogs and kids.  He posts frequent training tips online that are always helpful.  On top of all of this he is a tremendous community asset for all the ways he supports and directly impacts military veterans lives.  We should all take a page from his book and work to make others lives easier.  I hope he is able to keep our dog again for another board and train this summer.

Jason helped me give one of my dogs a good stable command system that we use every day.

Having worked with Jason over the past couple of years has really given me an insight into who he is and how he feels about his clients.  Jason helped me give one of my dogs a good stable command system that we use every day.  Then having met Jason and knowing what he does for Veterans and adopted dogs, my admiration became even stronger.  Seeing Jason, his dogs, his Service to this Country and to the veterans in need.... I know you can count on Jason to train your dog.  Knowing that Jason uses food-based reward training, non-aversive methods to teach your dog how to be a good companion and teach you how to be a good partner in your life...Jason is a valuable tool to yours and your dog's life!

Check out this club

Went to check out this club today. Amazing people, no drama, and just fun for you and your dog! I am DEFINITELY going back and become a member! We need more working dog clubs in Central Missouri and this one is AWESOME!! I can't wait for more!


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